Hello Awestomy


I’m now part of the Awestomy club (I would love to say I came up with that myself but I didnt I found it on pinterest) and I already feel better for it. When I woke up in recovery I remember asking the staff to bleep my dad because he would either be with or get hold of 00Steve I just wanted a hug at this point. In all honesty when 00Steve left as I went into theatre I cried not because I was scared (which of course I was, I’m not THAT hardcore) but because I was alone. I figured that even if I could only see my dad first it didn’t matter who hugged me first. Especially since my dad is the first man I ever loved and 00Steve is the last man I will ever love (well unless we have a son) The nurses said they would tell him I was en route to the ward, but lo and behold there was at the nurses station on the ward dad and #00steve. I couldn’t have been happier although I did annoy myself as I dipped in and out of consciousness when I had ALL damn night to sleep which I couldn’t in the end. The top picture shows this lovely white bear 00Steve bought me it has wings and on the jumper it says big love with some diamanté scattered. My dad was the last person to buy me a soft toy back when I was 14 in Leeds General Infirmary, Ra-Ra has since pinched that the cheeky monkey.


My dad was very confused at why I wanted a picture but I’m not sure he knows about the blog. Do I care that I look like crap? Nope in fact my favourite registrar popped in and said I looked refreshed and not at all like I had had major surgery. I love that guy he is such an amazing Dr. 00Steve isn’t throttling me like he joked he was but massaging my shoulders to help with the ache that was starting from the general anaesthetic. I just keep thinking that at least it is just air not fluid on the lungs like last time.

*Can I just point out that if this post doesn’t make as much sense as usual it’s because I’m tired (its 5am here) and I’m on morphine *

When the registrar bobbed in I straight off asked him about food. He knows all too well now how hangry I get bless him. Before he got to speak the nurses said my surgeon said  could I could have a plain biscuit. Then the registrar said I could have porridge for breakfast all of which I am very happy about. I have managed to drink the standard size jug of water. I needed it when I was eating the oat biscuit my gosh they were dry but delicious. I took about 6 hours to eat the biscuit I figured that way I wasn’t forcing my body into something it wasn’t ready for.

I should be seeing the physio team today to so I can start to move about that the trapped gas or whatever will escape or be absorbed. Then maybe even the dietician to get the 6 week ostomy diet from what I gather it’s low fibre and such. Well my lovelies I am going to try and get some sleep. I will write another post later on today.

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