Today Is The Day


I have been awake since 4am 00Steve was making stupid noises and I just couldn’t get back to sleep fully. So when 6am rolled round I was not ready to get up and take the morning dose of maxijul. I made coffee for 00Steve and got Ra-Ra up and dressed and we set off to go to my brother and sister in laws. I made a pit stop to give my sisters husband his birthday cards and get spuddle cuddles (eldest nephew) Ra-Ra was a bit unsure of staying at Ted and Sam’s but not because of them she had a bad night and knew I was going into hospital today.

We saw my mam once we arrived at hospital and had a bit of a chat before we headed up to surgical admission unit. I had a bit of a wobble because I was told 00Steve wouldn’t be allowed to sit with me. That thankfully was rectified. So I did the obligatory pee in a pot and Judith my stoma nurse came and drew the best site for my stoma.


I saw the anaesthetist he spoke to me about my phobia of needles in my hands. (I literally have an anxiety attack once I mention it) We also decided to not have the spinal anaesthetic because I’m not a big fan of them if I’m honest. Spoke to my surgeon about everything and I am happy with all of that. I’m now in my gown and sexy support stockings whilst rocking my hospital bands.


Got to admit this time around its not nearly as scary going in for major surgery whilst sat by yourself, quietly (YES quietly you  cheeky so and so) freaking out. I know not everyone is as lucky as me to have someone who through it all genuinely loves me and cares alot about me. 00Steve I can probably guarantee you will never read this but thank you I love you so much.


I will try and post at some point after my surgery now. Thank you to everyone who has sent me well wishes. I love you all, my friends are ace.


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