Next Stop Surgery


So today I went in to my pre-assesment appointment, if I’m honest I wasn’t all to sure what I was going to have done. Don’t get me wrong I knew it would be bloods and basic observations, but I had an ECG, weight/height, examined by a Dr, basic run down of events and being given something called maxijul which is just dried glucose syrup! I’ve got to take it twice tomorrow and again Thursday morning.


I had a bit of a panic on today, regarding 00Steve staying with me in Thursday. But my sister in law didn’t stop until she had a solution and I can’t thank her enough, because I only really needed 00Steve to be with me before I go in but now he can be there when I wake up too. That is definitely a load off my mind.

I spent time with my youngest nephew and my niece today, my brothers wife nicely watched Ra-Ra whilst I went to the appointment. Proper love being an auntie.



Family is everything and right now I couldn’t ask for a better support network.


2 thoughts on “Next Stop Surgery

  1. Wow stephie. I just read your whole blog and my gosh you are so strong and such an inspiration! I loved you enough already on insta but now I know your whole story health wise I am in awe of you! Sorry that sounded dead gushy but just had to be said! Xx


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